Rent drinking fountainRENTAL OPTION

With our rental program, there is a set monthly fee. which will include rental of the water cooler and routine maintenance (twice yearly filter change/sanitation).

Some of our drinking fountains are available for rental from as little as $39.00 monthly + tax per single drinking fountain (HI/LOW) or bottle fil station. Discounts may be offered for the rental of multiple drinking fountains (dependent on contract length).
In the unlikely event of there being a problem with your water cooler rental, we will deal with it immediately. In 97% of situations over the last five years we have been to repair or replace any broken cooler within 48 hours. This will give you essential peace of mind.
In the long run you would expect buying to be cheaper, however if you choose to rent there is no need to worry, if water drinking fountain breaks down, or need to worry about any of the other administrative hassles that go along with self maintenance. Pacific Water will take care of them for you. Also, at the end of the rental term you are entitled to a brand new cooler. if you sign a new rental agreement!
With any situation where there is the opportunity to buy or rent, there is a need to consider initial and ongoing costs before making a decision. Water coolers are no different. Rental agreements include EVERYTHING – servicing, repairs and regular filter changes.
Service call visits are performed to ensure that the rental water coolers remain clean. An essential hygienic service that other suppliers seem to regard as optional. This is essential for the health and safety requirements of your office or home.
Rent water cooler or bottle fill station
1. Benefits of renting a water drinking fountain
2. Service included.
3. Regular filter changes as and when required.
4. Full machine breakdown cover
5. What is included in my monthly rent?
6. Your monthly rent includes everything:
7. By-annual replacement of all water filters
8. Service to the equipment at your location

Buy drinking FountainPURCHASE OPTION

Purchase your water coolers from Pacific Water and then take out an Annual Routine Maintenance Agreement and we will take care of your Water Cooler Servicing.
We then can offer a Routine Maintenance Agreement, which we strongly recommend to make sure that your water coolers are in good working order and hygienically maintained.
Water cooler filters can be fitted to improve the taste of tap water but they shouldn’t be used to filter a water supply containing debris or that is poor and unsafe to drink. Filters for water coolers require regular replacement; our rental packages include filter replacement so your water retains its great, fresh taste.
What if I own my equipment?
If you own your water cooler/filter system, then we have a special water cooler and or filter service available.
Pacific Water programmed schedule machine servicing and filter changes means you never have to worry about the quality of your water.
Maintenance program: (preventive Maintenance program instead)
Pacific Water offers water cooler maintenance contracts for customers who wish to purchase their own water coolers and have them regularly maintained to a professional standard. It is recommended that drinking water fountains be installed, serviced and maintained by trained water cooler service techs
We then can offer a Routine Maintenance Agreement, which we strongly recommend to make sure that your water coolers are in good working order and hygienically maintained.
If you already own Water Coolers, then, Pacific Water Service them for you. Taking out an Annual Service Agreement will give you twice yearly filter change/sanitisations, keeping your water Coolers in Excellent Working Order.

Best Warranty

Top-Quality-servicePacific Water for drinking fountain sales, installation, maintenance and repairs. As the area’s best factory-authorized warranty service center, we are committed to providing dependable and professional customer service. We are factory authorized to do warranty repairs on Elkay, Halsey Taylor, Haws, Oasis, and Sunroc. If a water cooler purchased through us breaks down during the first year, the call out charges and parts are covered by us.

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